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USAK and Brookings Institution Publish Joint Report: “Turkey and Syrian Refugees: The Limits of Hospitality”
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In order to bring attention to the humanitarian dimension of the Syrian crisis, the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) and the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, conducted a joint field study and held a workshop wherein study findings were discussed with prominent researches and academics. 
USAK and the Brookings Institution prepared the report “Turkey and Syrian Refugees: The Limits of Hospitality” (Suriyeli Mülteciler ve Türkiye: Sonu Gelmeyen Misafirlik) in order to evaluate the findings and remarks of the field study and workshop.
The USAK-Brookings Institution joint report was written by Elizabeth Ferris (Brookings Institution), Kemal Kirişci (Brookings Institution), Vittoria Federici (Brookings Institution), Osman Bahadır Dinçer (USAK), Sema Karaca (USAK) and Elif Özmenek Çarmıklı (USAK). The authors hope that the report will help policy makers pay attention to the massive displacement of the Syrian people and creat convenient policies to overcome the crisis.
Online pdf version of the report which includes critical analyses, statistics, and expert commentaries about the humanitarian dimension of the Syrian crisis is available at (Turkish) and (English).
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